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Lower Back Pain. The Curse of Humanity...

Curse maybe an over statement but if your dealing with it a curse may not be strong enough. 

The muscles of the lower back and the surrounding muscles that attach to the pelvis are under stress regardless of your job or lifestyle.

The lower back muscles attach to the top of the pelvis and the spine, these can become tight pulling on the spine or surrounding nerves.   The lower pelvis is under stress from the arduous process of walking because this is where all the main leg muscles attach. 

Tight lower back and tight leg muscles form a tug of war around the pelvis, this pressure can give you all sorts of aches and pains. 

Heavy lifting or seated at a desk causes the muscle to become tight and over used. 

So what's the answer 

I feel the answer could come from mobility and stretches. I tell people your body is like a car and like a car it needs regular services, oil change, lubricant, petrol and a Mot. But unlike a car your body can self lubricate its joints and muscles, it can only do this with movement. Ever wondered why the Chinese do Tia Chi every morning? it's to kick start this oiling process setting you up for the day reducing tightness, pain and your chance of injury. 

My clients have told me of their surprise after doing the mobility exercises "I can't believe that 5 minutes of mobility would make the whole day better" 

Mobility Exercises 

The pelvis tilt (or thrust) x10

Cat/cow 10x up and down

Thread the needle, in and out x10

The combination of massage and mobility will return you to better fitness and improve your day to day life. Reducing tightness, pain and freeing you up to live how your body is meant to. 

At DB Sports Massage we put together a treatment plan with our clients targeting the problems and giving aftercare advice using mobility and stretching to return you to full fitness. 

For appointments contact Darren: 

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