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Today was the start of my journey. My first paying client!!

Today was the start of my journey, my first paying client!!

I was so nervous all day long, doubting myself, picking holes in everything that I know. I've always struggled with self confidence and believing in myself, shying away from anything that made me nervous. But I now know that the only way to really achieve your dreams is to face them fears head on

Confidence comes from fear and the realisation that you can do this. Nerves just reiterate that it means a lot to you.  Use it. Own it. The feeling of achievement will last a lot longer.

I had everything ready hours before my client arrived. Preparation is key and I pride myself on being very well prepared, it can be a great way to keep calm. 

My client turned up bang on time which was amazing because the suspense would have killed me. He was such a dude and once we started everything I have learned just came flooding back and self confidence boomed and the nerves washed away.

I have to say I had doubts about doing sports massage. Would I enjoy it? was it really the right career change? But I can say with ease that I definitely made the right choice, I loved every minute of it.

It has lit a fire in my mind and I can't wait to investigate new treatments and the mystery of injury. Anyone who knows me knows I can't just know a little about a subject, I have to know everything. So this is me from now on down a rabbit hole of sports massage.

Once again, thank you Ronnie. I could not have asked for a better first customer.